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Why Modern Merchants Should be Offering QR Code Payments

A woman in an apron standing infront of a busy restaurant smiling. Title text reads "Unlock the advantages of Scan to Pay and transform your business!" with the orange Scan to Pay logo top right, Visa and Mastercard logo bottom right.

Embrace the Convenience of Scan to Pay  

The cry of ‘cash is king’ has long faded from the lips of merchants as fewer and fewer people handle real money during the course of their day-to-day activities. Even plastic is becoming obsolete as people rely entirely on their mobile devices for transacting in stores, restaurants, on e-commerce sites and anywhere where a tap and go system is available.  


Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe is the largest QR ecosystem in South Africa with over half a million merchant locations. It has been adopted by 14 banks and fintech companies, 94 payment service providers and six acquirers. 


The growth of the digital economy and e-commerce sector in South Africa was given a massive boost during the Covid-19 lockdown as more businesses moved their products and services online. Consumers responded enthusiastically and have remained faithful to contactless payment methods and platforms. 


If you are a Merchant and you aren’t already offering Scan to Pay as a payment option for your customers, here are a number of reasons why you should look at adopting this innovative payment method to enhance your business operations: 


Efficient, secure and cost-effective 


Scan to Pay offers a seamless solution for merchants across various channels and devices, ensuring a secure and convenient payment experience for customers. By eliminating the need for a point-of-sale device, Scan to Pay reduces the cost of collecting payments for businesses of all sizes, from street vendors to large retail networks.  


Additionally, as an e-commerce store, you can also include QR codes at check-out of your online store, enhancing accessibility and security. Locally, resistance to online shopping often stems from uncertainties around the security of entering banking details onto third-party platforms. However, QR codes alleviate this concern as payment happens directly between the QR code on the site and a customer’s device. 


Scan to Pay QR payments are fast (QR, after all, stands for Quick Response), efficient and secure and merchants can sign up through any of the major banks in South Africa. 


With security understandably top of mind for merchants and consumers alike, one of the biggest advantages of Scan to Pay is its compatibility with bank applications. The overall trustworthiness of banking apps, combined with the inherent safety features of QR code transactions, solidifies the protective framework of the process. When a transaction occurs through a Scan to Pay QR Code, a host of security protocols are enacted, including cross verifying the origin of the phone number against the card number entered by a customer, among others. 


QR code payments, which can be both static and dynamic, alleviate the need for any exchange of banking information between vendor and purchaser. Static QR codes have a fixed amount that cannot be changed, while dynamic QR codes allow the amount to differ when scanned. This flexibility is crucial for merchants, as it grants them the freedom to assign a specific QR code to each product or utilise a single QR code into which they can input the amount for the consumer to pay. These codes are quick to generate and can be replicated on a variety of surfaces and materials or simply displayed digitally. 


Scan to Pay’s merchant portal 


The Scan to Pay Portal is provided for Banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Merchants to view Scan to Pay transactions at different levels: Bank, PSP or Merchant. The portal empowers merchants to manage and set up QR codes as well as view their own transactions, optimising financial management within their business operations. 


Merchant Success 

Industry leaders are embracing Scan to Pay QR technology to transform their payment processes and elevate customer experiences. With over 600,000 merchant locations already utilising this innovative solution, it's no surprise that they have nothing but praise for its effectiveness. 


“As a multi-lane retailer, embracing Scan to Pay QR Code payment technology from Ukheshe has provided our customers with more payment options. Now, our customers can pay directly from their bank accounts or any participating wallet, enhancing convenience, efficiency and choice. Thanks to the Scan to Pay solution and our technology and banking partners, we have empowered our customers with modern payment alternatives, fostering stronger relationships and an improved customer journey.” - Massmart VP: Digital Payments, Stasha Battye  


"Engen’s mobile App (1app) allows customers to use “Scan to Pay” as an alternative payment option at our Forecourts or Retail Shops. This payment method helps our customers when they are not in possession of their physical card or cash.  They simply use “Scan to Pay” from their linked banking card or 1wallet account in 1app to make payment." - Engen's mobile App (1app) 


Good for you, good for business 

Offering Scan to Pay QR code payments isn't just an option - it's a necessity for modern merchants looking to stay ahead. With over half a million merchant locations already onboard, Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, offers efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness making it an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and maximise sales opportunities.  


Join the Scan to Pay revolution -  


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