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Point, Shoot, Pay: How Scan to Pay Technology Benefits Consumers

A smiling woman holding her smartphone over a card machine to pay for her cake in a coffee shop. This picture is overlayed by the text "Empowering Consumers with the Revolutionary Benefits of Scan to Pay!" and has the orange and white Scan to Pay logo in the top left, and the Mastercard and Visa logos in the bottom right

Scan to Pay QR code technology is a game changer for consumers by providing a convenient, fast, safe and secure method of paying for goods and services, whether in store or online. Scan to Pay is a contactless, hassle-free way for customers to pay. Based on the 2022 global market value of QR code payments reaching US$ 9.98 billion in value, it's evident that numerous vendors are participating in this payment method. 


In South Africa, Scan to Pay technology, powered by Ukheshe, drives the largest QR code ecosystem, adopted by over 600,000 merchant locations, major banks, financial service providers, and nearly 100 payment service providers. The uptake by vendors of the QR Scan to Pay payment method is being matched by the number of downloads by consumers of the app as more and more people realise the value and convenience of this technology.  


Why Scan to Pay? 

Scan to pay technology removes the need to carry purses and wallets stuffed with cash or cards and relies entirely on a device that most people never leave home without – their cell phone. Scan to Pay’s integration into millions of merchant locations, and its uptake by all major commercial banks and e-commerce apps demonstrates the trust these entities put in the technology to deliver a seamless payment method that benefits both them and their consumers. Furthermore, due to it being so widely available, makes it an easy and accessible choice for consumers.  


How it works 

Scan to Pay makes payment simple by allowing users to download the free app via the App Store or Google Play Store and securely load their payment cards. When it's time to make a purchase in-store, in-app or online, consumers can simply open the Scan to Pay app, point their phone's camera at the QR code displayed by the merchant, and confirm the payment. The app securely processes the transaction in real-time, without the need to share their card details with the merchant, ensuring a safe and convenient payment experience.  


Scan to Pay also enables consumers to send, share and receive vouchers to be used at the many merchant locations in the ecosystem. These vouchers can be conveniently purchased via the Scan to Pay app using one's linked bank card and shared with friends and family by entering their personal cellphone number. Simply navigate to the home screen, choose "Buy a Scan to Pay Voucher," input the recipient's phone number, specify the voucher amount, and confirm. Once again, the app securely processes the transaction in real time, ensuring a safe and convenient experience. 


Benefits of using Scan to Pay QR Code payments 

The benefits of utilising the Scan to Pay benefit both the consumer and merchant. For consumers, it's all about the convenience and security of contactless payments, without the hassle of carrying around cards or cash. Scan to Pay aims to provide a seamless way for consumers to make payments on the go.  


QR code payments offer versatility across various industries and payment scenarios, from street vendors to large supermarkets and national service providers. Scan to Pay can be used for a multitude of transactions, from till point purchases at retailers or online shopping payments to buying airtime or paying bills. The app is continuously adding new features, such as payments to insurance and healthcare providers, airtime top-ups, detailed instant receipts for expense tracking, and the option to pay with crypto and purchase vouchers, further expanding users' payment opportunities.  


Safety & Security 

With an evident track record in safe, secure payments, Scan to Pay is here to stay. With millions of users already onboard, and with around 12 million Scan to Pay transactions happening every month, it’s clear this payment method offers convenience and peace of mind and is set to become the payment method of choice.   


Scan to Pay is the leader in its field, offering users at both ends of the payment transaction all the convenience of contactless payment, added to the highest levels of payment and security, so ditch your wallet, purse and multiple credit and debit cards and start scanning and paying. 


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