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Be on your way and Scan to Pay

Experience seamless and secure QR payments, connecting you to South Africa's largest digital payment network.

Enabling safe and secure contactless payments at over 600,000 South African merchant locations

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New look. Same secure and efficient technology

With Scan to Pay, your transactions are not only swift and secure but also incredibly versatile. Whether you're a merchant seeking a seamless payment solution or a consumer looking for a hassle-free way to pay, our platform offers a tailored experience for all.


Scan to Pay Apps


E-commerce Checkout


Point of Sale


Bill Payments


Scan to Pay is the largest QR ecosystem in South Africa 

With 3 million direct app downloads and 16 million banking app inclusions, Scan to Pay is servicing over: 







Payment Service Providers

Banks & Fintechs


Download the Scan to Pay App now!

Use the Scan to Pay app for the most convenient shopping experience. Buy airtime and data, pay your bills, and shop online or in-store with Scan to Pay. 

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Designed for developers

Seamless integration with powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Save engineering time with Scan to Pay APIs and detailed integration guides. Embed Scan to Pay into your web and mobile shopping experiences in no time.

  • Who is Ukheshe?
    Ukheshe is a leading fintech enablement partner. With a legacy in enterprise platform delivery of embedded finance it connects businesses with payment technology that changes lives and uplifts emerging markets. Ukheshe has created an extensive range of micro services that enable rapid digital transaction propositions for clients. Striving for transformation and innovation in the payment industry, Ukheshe adapts and creates components that are scalable, secure and ready to deploy in market leading digital first propositions. Visit our website
  • What is Scan to Pay - Powered by Ukheshe?
    Scan to Pay is a QR code payment solution that allows merchants and consumers to transact contactlessly. Merchants are able to create and manage static or dynamic QR codes which allow them to accept payments seamlessly. Consumers are able to make payments that are convenient, safe and secure. Scan to Pay Powered by Ukheshe is the rebranded solution from Masterpass to Scan to Pay. The technology of Scan to Pay is provided and powered by fintech enabler Ukheshe.
  • What is the reason for the rebrand?
    Ukheshe acquired the South African Masterpass technology from Mastercard, along with the technology comes the Scan to Pay brand. Scan to Pay Powered by Ukheshe will continue to provide seamless instant payment technology that adds to the ever evolving cashless commerce and digital payments landscape.
  • Will the way I scan a QR or make a QR payment change?
    No customers will still have access to the same processes, technology and seamless experiences of Masterpass, now in Scan to Pay branding.
  • Will there be any integration changes required by the Banks, PSPs and Merchants for this rebrand?
    No technical integration changes will be required during the rebrand. The Rebrand is mostly cosmetic and therefore the main items such as logos, QR code branding and checkout branding would need to change over to the new branding.
  • How will merchants and customers receive communication and education on Scan to Pay?
    Scan to Pay powered by Ukheshe will provide communication via our website and social channels after the rebrand has occurred. Feel free to get in touch with the Scan to Pay team through the contact us form on our website. Key account managers will be assigned to customers in order to assist in a proactive and streamlined manner.
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